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Florida’s sweltering August heat has arrived, and the over 10,000 residents of Tampa’s lovely suburb of Trinity depend on their central air conditioning to keep them cool and comfortable during these hot and humid days and nights. Unfortunately, those systems often fail when they’re needed the most during the hottest months of the year. Here at Bay Area Heating and Cooling, our highly trained and experienced service technicians are ready to discuss any AC repair in Trinity so that you can be comfortable in your home once again.

At Bay Area Heating and Cooling, our highly trained and experienced service technicians are ready to discuss any AC repair in Trinity so you can be comfortable in your home.

Common AC Issues

Trinity homeowners may find themselves without air conditioning suddenly and with no warning signs. These are just a few of the most common issues that compromise the efficiency of all types of air conditioning systems, which include traditional AC units, straight cool systems, heat pumps and mini splits/ductless systems.

• Loss of Refrigerant: If you feel warm air coming out of your vents, see ice on the refrigerant line or notice that your home doesn’t cool off properly, then it’s likely that refrigerant is being lost from one or more leaks. Our HVAC technicians can test your system for leaks for quick repair, top off your refrigerant and have your home cooling properly once again.

• Dirty Filters: You might need AC repair Trinity if you notice that the airflow from your vents has become less powerful or stopped completely. This may occur when you’ve neglected to change the filters, and the dirt and debris are restricting the normal flow of air. Dirt may also gravitate past the filters and into the inside cooling unit, and that will require a professional cleaning to get your system up and running efficiently.

• Equipment Failure: Like any appliance, the components that allow your HVAC system to work properly may eventually fail or become compromised. If your system refuses to turn on or run normally, it may mean that the compressor, the blower motor, the condenser fan motor, or the fan controls have worn out or aren’t receiving the proper electrical output. Each of these components may be checked by our HVAC technicians and repaired or replaced as needed.

• Drainage Issues: If you see water leaking around the inside part of your air conditioning system, then you most likely have an overflowing drain pan. This happens when the drainage pipe becomes blocked by debris or algae, and it may cause water damage to the floors and walls of your home, bad odors and the growth of potentially dangerous mold, mildew, and fungus. Our HVAC technicians will clean and sanitize the drain line to solve this issue.

We’re Here to Help

If you need air conditioning repair Trinity, then feel free to contact us here at Bay Area Heating and Cooling by calling 727-565-4555. We offer affordable 24-hour emergency service, and you can count on us to show up when we say we will and with a fully stocked truck to ensure that we have everything needed to address your cooling issue right away.

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