Causes of a Clogged Air Filter

Maintaining a clean air filter is a very important yet often overlooked aspect of air conditioner maintenance here in Tampa, FL.

When system problems arise, instead of assuming your AC system has experienced a breakdown and will rack up huge repair costs, you may be able to correct the problem by simply replacing or cleaning the air filter. Since air filters are constantly at work collecting dust and debris, it’s normal for them to become clogged over time. A few signs your filter may be ready to be changed include:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Every AC system comes with specific instructions for cleaning or replacing the air filter, with most requiring at least a visual inspection once per month. Filters can be purchased from most HVAC specialists or at many major retailers. If your filter becomes clogged unusually fast, poor indoor air quality may be the culprit.

Pet dander, pollen, dirt, debris, and biological growth circulate inside the home and travel through the ducts to the air filter. If your filter needs to be changed more than once per month, you should reduce particulates by keeping doors and windows closed and consider. Additionally, investing in an air purification system may assist alleviate the problem.

Wet Air Filters

Air filters should be dry at all times. If your air filter is wet, there may be a clog in the condensate drain lines or pan. Try using high-quality filters that can catch smaller particles and keep drain lines free of debris and bacteria with routine maintenance.

If your AC system isn’t cooling properly or your costs are higher than usual and you’d like to have a professional diagnose the problem, please give Bay Area Heating and Cooling, Inc. a call at 727-565-4555.

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