Bay Area Heating and Cooling's 5 Core Values

be positiveBe Positive

• We maintain a state of mind that envisions and expects good things.

• We believe a great attitude is exemplified by respect for others and respect for individual differences.

• We are committed to a positive and drama free workplace. We believe in considering others work environment above our own. No Eeyores.

• We believe in laughing with our co-workers. Never at them.

• We believe the quote by C.S. Lewis describes our belief in a humbly confident person. "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less."

never-quitNever Quit Attitude

• We push through adversity until success is achieved.

• We believe that an individual's achievement requires hard work and sincere devotion.

• We endeavor to create a positive, enthusiastic, and ambitious culture within our company.

• We believe as a team we can do hard things and nothing is impossible.

high-quality-workHigh Quality Work

• We provide well-crafted work that is done with care and precision.

• We believe high quality work is produced by only those who love what they do.

• Our team members strive to continuously improve their knowledge and skills with their willingness to work for success.

• We believe curiosity to learn goes hand and hand with the ability to succeed.

team playerTeam Player

• We believe in being an active and productive contributor to the team.

• We believe there is no such thing as entitlement. No one person is more deserving than another of privileges or special treatment.

• We recognize that change is constant and our success is driven by our ability to adapt to these changes.

• We believe in being generous with our time and skills, and therefore we are always willing to help others.

• We believe that a respectful attitude is fundamental in providing a happy and healthy work environment.

do the right thingDo the Right Thing

• We believe in going the extra mile creates the extra smile.

• We believe in doing the right thing even if nobody is watching.

• We believe in celebrating our successes while always taking ownership of our faults.

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