How to Keep Your Largo Home Cool and Cut Air Conditioning Costs

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How to Keep Your Largo Home Cool and Cut Air Conditioning Costs

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising here in Largo, Florida—it’s summer, which means your utility bill is about to take a hike, too. One great thing about Florida is that almost everywhere you go has air conditioning.

The problem? Keeping cool without spending a fortune! Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you save cash for the things that really matter (ice cream and beach trips!).

Close the Blinds and Curtains

Direct sunlight will increase the indoor temperature (and cooling costs) of your home significantly, so be sure to close the blinds, curtains or shades—especially in rooms that get a lot of sun. If living in a cave isn’t on your to-do list, opt for insulated, light-colored window treatments that will reflect the sun’s heat.

Maintain AC Equipment

Did you know that dirty AC filters are one of the leading causes of decreased airflow in the home? Reduce stress on your system and help it operate efficiently by routinely replacing the filter. The same goes for the rest of the system—it can’t operate properly if the ductwork is clogged or the system is in need of repair. We recommend preventive maintenance twice annually. It’s amazing what a quick tune-up can do!

Use a Programmable Thermostat

The best way to keep cooling costs low is to keep your home’s temperature as close as possible to the outdoor temperature—and the best way to accomplish that is with a programmable thermostat you can set and forget. Programming your home to remain 78ºF during the day and then decline at night can result in huge savings for your family.

These are just a few ideas for keeping cool, but circulating fans and energy-efficient AC equipment can also help. If your AC system is due for maintenance or you’d like more tips on keeping cool this summer, please call us at 727-565-4555.

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