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Air handlers are one component of a split system. Usually air handlers are installed in the attic, the garage, or an interior closet. They are connected to the outdoor condenser via copper refrigerant lines. These lines carry compressed refrigerant to the evaporator coil within the air handler, which allows the refrigerant to expand, cooling the coil. The blower fan then pushes air across the coil to provide cool air. A duct system, connected to the air handler, disperses the cool air throughout the home. A second duct system returns warm air back to the air handler to be rechilled.

Air handlers come in many different sizes to accommodate various applications. Different air handlers will determine the energy efficiency that a condenser will provide. In most cases, installing an air handler with more capacity will increase the efficiency of the split system.

Air handlers can be installed with heat pumps and straight cool condensers. Regardless of the type of condenser, most air handlers are equipped with an electric resistance heat strip. These heat strips may be of various wattage, depending of the diameter of the electrical wire which supplies power to the unit. When installed with a straight cool system, the heat strip is the sole source of heat for the home. The heat strips act to supplement a heat pump during extreme cold snaps and when the unit switches to defrost mode.

The new Trane Hyperion Air Handler is more efficient, more durable and easier to install than traditional air handlers. The Hyperion is available now in standard and variable speeds. For more information on the Hyperion or any or our air handlers, call us at (727) 565-4555

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