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Heat pumps are the most economical option for heating in the unique central Florida climate. Heat pumps work the same as a conventional air conditioner while operating in the cooling mode, however; when switched to the heating mode, heat pumps deliver heat by reversing the flow of refrigerant. Reversing the flow causes hot compressed refrigerant to flow to the evaporator coil in the air handler. The blower fan then forces air across the hot coil to provide heat.

As opposed to conventional straight cool air conditioners, which utilize electric resistance heat strips, heat pumps consume much less electricity in the heat mode contributing to lower electric utility bills.

Many advances in technologies have been made in recent years boosting the amount of heat delivered by heat pumps. Studies have shown that heat pumps are effective to as low as 20 degrees making them ideal for our climate.

In the event of extreme cold weather, heat pumps are equipped with auxiliary electric heat strips to provide supplemental heat. These heat strips are also utilized when the heat pump cycles to the defrost mode.

While heat pumps cost slightly more than a straight cool air conditioner, most electric utility providers offer an incentive when converting to a heat pump or upgrading an existing heat pump. These incentives vary depending on the utility company. Some companies offer incentives up to $800.

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Looking to buy a heat pump? Bay Area offers a full line of Trane Heat Pumps with installation at affordable prices. Heat pumps from Bay Area are available in Clearwater, St. Pete, Largo, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Seminole and neighboring areas.

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