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Packaged units are comprised of a compressor, condensing coil with a cooling fan, and an evaporator coil with a blower fan. Package units function much the same as a traditional split system, encompassing all components in one cabinet. The cabinet is mounted on the exterior of a building then ducts deliver air to the building and return air to the machine.

The most common application for package units are mobile homes, and rooftop mounted systems. In some cases, package units are a perfect alternative to split systems when it is impractical to install equipment in attics or in closets where space is limited.

Trane package units are available in straight cool and heat pump models and in various levels of energy efficiency. Most models are available from 1.5 ton (18,000 btu) to 5 ton (60,000 btu). Commercial units are available to 20 tons (240,000 btu)

For information on Packaged Units offered by Trane or other manufacturers, please call (727) 565-4555.

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