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Thermostats are the primary interface between an air conditioning system and the home owner. Many manufactures offer a variety of thermostats, however; digital thermostats have become the standard in the industry.

Today’s thermostats offer much more control of the indoor climate than the older mercury thermostats. Because of the advanced features, many manufactures have begun using the term “comfort control” to better describe the function of these programmable thermostats.

Comfort controls are much more accurate, monitor and control humidity levels, display outdoor temperature and offer multi-day programming in order to lower energy consumption than older thermostats. states that merely using a programmable thermostat can save over 10% per year in energy costs.

Some of the latest models of Trane programmable thermostats ( allow adjustments by remote control or from any computer or smart phone via the internet. Comfort controls have become a staple in the home automation industry.

For more information on Trane Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats, please call (727) 565-4555.

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