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For years Bay Area Heating and Cooling has specialized in creating your ideal home environment. Now, Bay Area can also give you an unprecedented level of control and security thanks to the Trane ComfortLink Remote Thermostat energy management system and the Nexia Home Intelligence web based interface. One interface can control many aspects of your home, from Z-Wave enabled lights and small appliances to your heating and air conditioning systems. It’s total integration from simple solution.

With the ComfortLink Remote Thermostat, the simple to use interface can allow user to access and adjust a home’s tempature and monitor security via the internet. Additionally, the system can be accessed by computer or most web-enabled cell phones.

The Schalge LiNK system can monitor and control a home’s HVAC system, keypad locks, lights, security cameras and even small appliances.

Both systems can assist homeowners save energy and save dollars.


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