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It seems air conditionersheat pumps, and related equipment only break down during periods of extreme temperatures. Similarly, cooling issues are a headache at all different times of the day, but can be particularly frustrating after-hours. If you’ve ever have a system failure late at night, on a holiday, or on a weekend, then you’ll surely agree emergency assistance can be a god-send. For this reason, Bay Area Heating and Cooling is available for 24-hour emergency ac repair whenever and wherever you need it throughout Pinellas County.

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Signs You are in Need of an Immediate Repair

Air conditioning issues that require immediate assistance are fairly easy to spot. A system that refuses to turn on is an obvious and big one. This issue can be as small as a tripped breaker or something more nefarious like an electrical issue or part failure.

Air vents that blow warm air when your thermostat is set to cool may be another sign your system is in need of professional ac repair, possibly of the 24 7 variety. This can be the result of airflow that’s obstructed or a faulty compressor.

In the summer, an air handler can often sweat and/or produce water. This is especially the case in Florida where it can get extremely humid. However, a unit that is filling the drain pan and activating the float switch is usually cause for concern. If there is excessive water inside the unit, this can be even more problematic. Water leaks can lead to staining, mold development, damage to your machine and in worst cases damage to the home itself. For these reasons, it is best to have a trained technician come to your home and diagnose any water leak as soon as it’s discovered.

Odd grinding noises are your air conditioner’s way of telling you it is in need of immediate attention. These noises are often the result of a problem with the compressor or worn bearings. High pitched, inexplicable squealing noises, are often related to fan belts that have become loose.

Short cycling is a term that describes when an air conditioner shuts down its cooling cycle prematurely, only to start back up again a short time later. This issue often relates to compressor and thermostat woes. Short cycling can be an urgent issue as it can interfere greatly with your in-home comfort and more importantly your system’s longevity.

“Dirty sock syndrome” is the term used for what happens when a heating and cooling system produces an unpleasant dank, musty smell reminiscent of dirty socks. In milder cases, the odor might be similar to the dusty smell produced when the system is first turned on after it hasn’t been used in a while. It’s mostly noticeable when the air conditioning kicks on or when the heat pump goes into the defrost cycle. As described, Dirty Sock Syndrome is normal, especially for newer systems. However, if a system produces a foul odor for a prolonged period of time, there may a more serious underlying issue requiring an expert to take a look (and sniff) a.s.a.p.

Regardless of the issue, Bay Area Heating and Cooling's talented team of technicians is a phone call or click away.

Expert Technicians

Regardless of the issue, Bay Area Heating and Cooling's talented team of technicians is a phone call or click away. Our service techs can scour all parts of the most complex air conditioning systems in search of a problem and fix it any time of day or night.

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Get the Help You Need When You Need It

Bay Area Heating and Cooling is accessible to assist with 24 hour emergency ac repair service in Largo, Clearwater, St Petersburg and the surrounding areas. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we are well versed in the repair of  Trane units. However, our service techs are also capable of diagnosing and fixing all other makes and models as well. Our trucks are completely stocked and ready to roll when you need us so if you’re having an issue that requires immediate attention, call now!

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