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The Bay Area Heating and Cooling Advantage Program was created from 75 years of experience servicing and installing HVAC systems in the hot, humid, and corrosive climate of Tampa Bay. Through careful and thoughtful analysis, the Bay Area team designed a 3-part solution for homeowners to protect their new system and ensure their comfort under the harshest of conditions. This solution, dubbed the Bay Area Heating and Cooling Advantage, includes proper system sizing and protection against the elements, such as lightning and salt. It also includes an unmatched performance guarantee and warranty. Best of all, the Bay Area Heating and Cooling Advantage comes standard with all new installations, which means no worries at no additional cost.

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ACCA Manual J Load Calculation Customized for your Residence

Customers will often ask our team members. "Do I really need a Manual J load calculation for my home” Our answer, “1,000% YES!"

According to accredited and nationally recognized engineering professionals a load calculation is an essential step in the design and purchase of a new HVAC system and should never be skipped. Accurate sizing ensures optimum efficiency, humidity control and overall comfort of the occupants.

A load calculation typically takes about an hour and at Bay Area we carefully complete each one as there is no do over after installation. The average homeowner will buy 2-3 HVAC systems in their entire life. It is our belief they deserve a properly sized system each and every time.

National industry surveys have revealed that well over half of all HVAC contractors do not size heating and cooling systems properly. This can lead to both under and oversizing of equipment. Ramifications or each include:

  • Oversized equipment results m a higher installation cost and inefficient operations that increase utility bills. Additionally, oversized equipment does not operate long enough to control excess humidity, making the home clammy, uncomfortable, and susceptible to mold.
  • Undersized equipment can struggle to keep home al temperature meaning higher than expected electric bills.

Suncoast HVAC Defense Package

After years of service calls related to HVAC systems being damaged by lightning, electrical surges, corrosion, and clogged drain lines, our team set out to create an all-inclusive protection package for each new system we install. The result is our Suncoast Defense Package which defends your system against 3 common threats to its health:

Lightning and Electrical Surges

The Tampa Bay area is known for excessive lightning during its rainy season. To protect HVAC systems against it, we install an industry leading Type 1 and Type 2 compatible HVAC surge protector that comes with a 3-year warranty and a $7,500 connected equipment manufacturer warranty.

Galvanic Corrosion and Rust

According to recent studies conducted by the Galvanizers Association and the study conducted by Fraunhofer-ISE, most of America's coast witnesses mild levels of salt intrusion. Florida, however, receives the highest rate of salt penetration in the US, and it can reach up to 100 miles inland!

To combat salt, UV rays, acid rain, air pollutants and similar corrosives, Bay Area applies a 2-stage coating of Gulfcoat coil coating on every outdoor unit we install.

Clogged Drain Lines

The hot and humid conditions of the Tampa Bay area are notorious for clogging HVAC drain lines. For this reason, Bay Area Heating and Cooling offers the only drain line clog guarantee in the industry.

If you are the original purchaser of the registered equipment, you perform annual maintenance and maintain your Drain Guard if your drain line backs up, we will come clear it during normal I business hours for FREE for the life of your HVAC system.

The Drain Guard is an in-line device that installs m the HVAC systems drain line that slowly releases a patented safe and effective additive into the water stream to break down algae, white slime and other various element that clog drain line. This helps keep your drain line clear year-round.

Industry Leading 100% Performance Guarantee and 10-Year Part and Labor Warranty

We back every new installation with a 100% performance guarantee. Should your system not perform to industry standard and fail to keep you and your family comfortable we will make every effort to remedy it. Additionally, we are so confident you will be satisfied with your new HVAC system; we back it with a 10-year part and labor warranty. That means no surprises and no expected repair bills for 10 years!

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