Duct Repair & Installation

Duct Repair & Installation

Service Overview

Duct Repair & Installation Tampa, Clearwater & St Pete

Quality Air Ducts can help increase the efficiency of your ac system as well as make your home more comfortable. Bay Area Heating and Cooling offers a host of air duct services throughout Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete, Largo, Seminole, Palm Harbor, and the surrounding areas to ensure both:

Air Duct Repair

Over time, air ducts can become loose or acquire punctures creating air leaks. Leaky air ducts will cause your home to cool at a slower rate and ultimately create higher energy bills. Ducts can also accumulate dirt, dust, mildew and other contaminants which can prove unhealthy for your family to breathe.

Bay Area can thoroughly inspect your ductwork to ensure it is leak and contaminant free. Where leaks are encountered, Bay Area can skillfully patch them. Contaminants can be cleaned with our air duct sanitation.

Air Duct Installation

New air ducts are a great compliment to a new ac system. Replacement ducts can also improve the performance of older ac units.

Bay Area can design and install new metal or flexible ductwork for your home or business in a professional and timely manner. The result? Rooms that cool more quickly and deliver better quality air.

Air Duct Sanitation

Bay Area’s complete duct sanitization uses a specially formulated cleaner to controls smoke, pet, human, cooking, spoilage, musty and other foul odors and other sources of indoor pollution gently but effectively. It freshens and deodorizes interiors of both lined and unlined ductwork.

Note: The Bay Area duct sanitation is NOT the same as an advertised duct cleaning and therefore does not utilize a brush or vacuum of any sort. Cleaning with a brush can damage flexible air ducts and create leaks. For this reason, when a duct requires thorough or extensive “cleaning”, Bay Area recommends replacement.

For information on Air Duct Services offered by Bay Area Heating and Cooling, please call (727) 565-4555.