Top Advantages of Installing a Home Automation System

Home automation is revolutionizing how people live in Clearwater, FL. Considered a luxury just a few years ago, costs continue to decline and more options are arriving on the market, making these products a good long-term investment for any homeowner.

Today, automated products give homeowners an unprecedented level of control over every aspect of their home, including lighting, security cameras, appliances, locks, and thermostats. Interfaces such as Nexia Home Intelligence and Nest allow you to control all of these aspects from a single platform. Here’s a shortlist of the benefits of home automation:

Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Homeowners can dramatically cut their monthly utility bills by using a combination of thermostats, HVAC zoning, automated lighting and connected window coverings. In 2015, Nest found that the typical learning thermostat user saved 10 percent to 12 percent on heating costs and 15 percent on cooling.

Peace of Mind

What if you never had to worry about forgetting to lock the door or turning off appliances again? With home automation, that dream has become a reality. Now, you can control your home’s security, your family’s safety and your indoor climate with the touch of a button using a web-based interface or app.

21st Century Convenience

Gone are the days of worrying about setting the AC to the right temperature or getting out of bed to lock the front door. Home automation addresses many common pain points for homeowners, offering you a higher quality of living at an increasingly affordable rate. In addition, these new tools are easy to use and can be controlled from virtually anywhere.

At Bay Area Heating and Cooling, Inc., we work with a variety of proven technologies to provide homeowners with all of the benefits of home automation. If you’d like more information about home automation or to see how you could lower your monthly utility bills, please give us a call at 727-565-4555.

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